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Madou Doumbia

My name is Madou Amede Doumbia and I am a sophomore at Al-Ikhlas Training Academy. I participated in a leadership program at Kumon for the summer, during this program they taught us how to work together and be a good leader and reasonable partner. I am working with my community members right now at The Islamic Community Of As-Salaam to make our Masjid bigger. I am a part of my school's student council club and I am the treasure, I am also a part of our Naserin club. We monitor during salah time and assemblies. I love helping people when I get the chance to because it is something kind to do, one thing I keep in mind when helping others is one day I will need someone's help so if you help others one day when you need help they might remember your kindness and help you.


My passion is to bring my generation and the ones after me closer to Al-Islam. The world is getting to a point where holding on to our religion is like holding on to hot coal, therefore we must hold on to our ropes tight and make sure to not fall into the traps of Shaytan. When I’m free, I love reading, playing soccer, and having out-of-nowhere Quran competitions with my cousins. I used to volunteer at World Medical Relief and the time I spent there made me want to help in my community and outside of my community.

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