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Mariyah Abdullah

My name is Mariyah Abdullah and I am 14 years old. Currently, I go to a private school called IIA. I love my school and my friends there. I work hard to get good grades and gain a good reputation. I even started an on-going extra curricular program which is the student council. Building onto the student council I started a club to raise money for orphans. Alhamdulilah, we have raised a lot of money and helped orphans.I have a passion for helping others, career growth, creativity, and mindfulness. I love helping others and making them happy. Now, I think of my career and how I want to grow in that career. When I get a project in school, I go all out with creativity. Being mindful is important because it will help you in life sometimes. Some things I enjoy in my free time are baking, rollerblading, being outside, painting, cleaning, sleeping, and reading quran. When I bake, I feel an inner peace and can’t wait to taste what I made. Feeling the wind in my face while I am rollerblading calms me and helps me think about what I need to get done. Being outside in general and reflecting on Allah’s creations is comforting. I take out all of my emotions when I paint. When you see my painting you will know if I am upset, angry, happy, or excited. I enjoy cleaning because I don’t like seeing messes. So when I clean and sit in a clean area I feel satisfied. I thoroughly enjoy sleeping. Even though it wastes time, sometimes you just need a break. Reading the Quran always humbles me and reminds me what I am in this world for. I am not here for worldly pleasures, I am here to work towards goodness for the greater reward.

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