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Embracing Divine Guidance: The Power of Unity


Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you),

In the words of Abdullah ibn Zayd (RA), we find a profound lesson that highlights the beauty of unity and the divine guidance bestowed upon us by the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Abdullah ibn Zayd (RA) had a dream of the athan, the call to prayer, a spiritual experience that he felt compelled to share with the Messenger of Allah (SAW). The Prophet (SAW) acknowledged the truthfulness of the dream and revealed a powerful message: "Go to Bilal, for he has a better and louder voice than you. Recite to him what was given to you, so that he may call to the prayer with it.”

This hadith emphasizes the value of collaboration within our community. It is not about outshining one another, but rather coming together, each contributing our strengths to achieve a higher purpose. Bilal's beautiful and resonant voice was matched with Abdullah ibn Zayd's (RA) inspired revelation in the dream. When combined, they created an awe-inspiring call to prayer, stirring the hearts of all who heard it.

As we reflect on this hadith, let us remember that in unity lies our strength. By recognizing and appreciating the diverse talents and gifts of our fellow Muslims, we can achieve greatness together. Just as Bilal and Abdullah ibn Zayd (RA) collaborated harmoniously, we too can make a difference when we work together for the greater good of our community.

Let this hadith be a reminder for us to embrace one another's strengths, support one another's visions, and celebrate our achievements. By doing so, we honor the wisdom of the Prophet (SAW) and strengthen the bond of brotherhood and sisterhood within the Ummah.

May Allah bless us with unity, understanding, and love as we strive to follow in the footsteps of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Ameen.

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