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Introducing DMYC Columns


salam friends,

Excited to share a new DMYC project—welcome to the columns, a brand new medium of expression for Muslim youth! We’ll be writing about community, culture, faith, inequity, identity, belonging, and the possible intersections between them. Ultimately, this platform will host articles that prompt us to learn and reflect.

This will be an opportunity of growth, not only intellectually but also in terms of building community. I think it is essential that a platform is available for us to engage in discussions that impact us and our communities. And that is exactly the reason DMYC is ecstatic to launch this new adventure!

What is DMYC?

With the support of the community, I launched Detroit Muslim Youth Council toward the end of 2021 as an initiative to continue the efforts from the DPSCDoff4Eid campaign. Although some may call the Eid campaign a failed project after the reversal of the Holiday Observance this year, DMYC was an outcome that aims to ensure that Muslim youth are not fighting battles for their communities on their own. Alhamdulillah, after running a pilot program in 2022, DMYC launched a summer fellowship program this year, where ten youth are currently on a journey of learning, self-development, and seeking ways to impact their communities.

What is this?

This will be a platform where you can expect reflections, insights, and perspectives from young Muslims. Some may share stories about themselves and their families, some will cut through the injustices that plague our society, some may highlight the hardships of growing up Muslim in the Western world, and others might share cool projects they developed to impact the world around them. The possibilities of articles are endless because every single piece will be unique, written by a youth sharing their individual insights.

During this summer, you will read the reflections of our fellows, connecting the takeaways from our sessions and the experiences of their lives. And as we grow, we will open up this medium to the rest of the community, giving access to Muslim youth across the city to express their stories and perspectives.

I hope you all will embark on this journey with us by subscribing to our platform. Join our mailing list, and we will send our articles to your inbox as soon as they get published. Welcome to DMYC Columns, let’s build together, inshaAllah!

yours in service,

mohammad muntakim

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