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Walk With Your Brother


Detroit, Hamtramck, and Highland Park are home to the most necessitous Muslims in Michigan, yet their names, the masjids that they frequent, and the local communities that they belong to remain a mystery to Muslims who call Metro Detroit home. I don’t say this to bash the readers, as I am also unaware of the needs of my neighbors. I say it to spark a much-needed conversation. How are my brothers and sisters? Better yet, ask yourself, do I know how my brothers and sisters are doing in my


Detroit Muslim Youth Council’s second session was centered around PPODS (power, privilege, oppression, diversity, and social justice). Although we discussed many topics and ideas, the saying of the prophet Muhammed (SAW) stood out the most to me. “The most beloved people to Allah are those who are most beneficial to people. The most beloved deed to Allah is to make a Muslim happy, or to remove one of his troubles, or to forgive his debt, or to relieve his hunger. That I walk with a brother regarding his need is more beloved to me than that I seclude myself in this mosque in Madinah for a month. Whoever swallows his anger, then Allah will conceal his faults. Whoever suppresses his rage, even though he could fulfill his anger if he wished, then Allah will secure his heart on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever walks with his brother regarding a need until he secures it for him, then Allah Almighty will make his footing firm across the Bridge on the day when the footholds are shaken” (Tabarani). This hadith speaks to building relationships with those whom you serve. It is not enough to simply donate to a community or person and step away. We should be engrossed in helping those that we can to the point that someone can not tell the difference between your brother in faith and your blood brother.

This is especially important now that everything has been sensationalized via social media. So I remind myself firstly and all of my colleagues to walk with your brothers in need and try to build relationships in your community so that you know the needs of your brothers, neighbors, and broader community so that you can be of service.

Your Brother,

Zayd Walid

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