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Wugdan Alwasim

Wugdan Alwasim is a 17-year-old Wayne State University student whose family originates from Yemen. Alongside her studies, she actively engages in various organizations and extracurricular activities that enrich her educational journey.
She has held multiple roles, including serving as the President of the Student Body, the Founder of the Chess and Debate Club, and a proud member of the National Honor Society (NHS) and JIRON. Wugdan finds great joy in contributing to her community and making a positive impact. Helping others is a true passion of hers, and she derives an incredible sense of fulfillment from
lending a helping hand and making a difference in someone's life.


In addition to her dedication to community service, Wugdan possesses an insatiable curiosity that drives her to explore and experience new things. She embraces adventures, seeks to understand different cultures, and engages in thought-provoking discussions, all in an effort to broaden her horizons and embrace the unknown.

During her free time, Wugdan enjoys playing chess and finds solace in reading. With her diverse interests and unwavering dedication to personal growth, Wugdan strives to embody a well-rounded individual who can make a positive difference in her community and beyond.

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